<span class=' bold ' >Stanislav Ovcharenko. The End of Total Tolerance</span>
27 июля 2016

Stanislav Ovcharenko. The End of Total Tolerance

1. Now the Europeans felt well the consequences of the tolerable relations to the representatives of other cultures, too intolerable. In general, we ought to draw the attention at the collisions of so called cultural mésalliance between the irrelevant mismatched social combinations. We ought to restrict the meaning of the political correctness in favor for the meaning of the order of things in nature.


2. Our opponents from the backward countries do not live in the world of Western European conventionalities. In order to see the truth of the today’s situation we should take into account the relativeness of the rules of contemporary cultural life and the scales of values that dominate in different countries that belong to also different civilizations. In these conditions we are forced to reduce these civilizational distinctions to the cultural common denominator. The today’s European society cannot even exist with this too various civilizational norms and rules. 


 3. We say it because in the narrow little social circles and groups this inner mutual struggle inevitably leads to the victory of the lowest level of the social development. The backward culture has always been able to successfully impose its rules and regulations. This rule exists not only in the great social layers but also in the little social groups, including family or in the milieu of closest neighbors. In this context we attract the attention at the fact of the factual struggle within the cultural dialogue. Now we can see the mixed communities with so various cultural stances in each country, each town or village. 


4. Of course, the dominant line of social behavior must be on the side of the autochthonous local residents. This political and cultural dominance must be safe-guarded by the whole strength of the state power and ruling national community. In the case of inevitable confrontation the state power and public opinion must be on the side of the dominant autochthonous society that forms the specific country with its unique national history and its cultural traditions that we tend see as our main inheritance.


5. If we say that uniqueness of this nation and this state was possessed by the way of dramatic and tragic ordeals this nation and this people must actualize the value of the unique national treasure – its own state, culture and habits that historically were so successfully that the rest of the whole world dreams to migrate of this country of paradise. Of course, the new migrants must adapt to the habits of the host country. We especially need to emphasize the importance of the host country's culture. Namely this unique national culture allows to emphasize the highest meaning of the European history and its outstanding achievements in the field of science, art, philosophy and even religion or atheism.  Autochthonous inhabitants of the western European countries should not feel guilty before the culture of migrants and should not to adapt to the culture of immigrants.


6. Conversely, the immigrants must absorb the specifics of the Western European culture integrate into the heart of Western society with its system of personal responsibility and the unique traits of the intellectual life with the ability to the creative activity. Certainly, the Western society ought to promote this strong desire if some immigrants will show the thrust to the complete integration into the more developed society.



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